Aromatherapy massage

Good massage always helps to relax tensed and aching muscles, yet it is possible to reach even better effect when essencial oil is included in the treatment. Aromatherapy massage has additional benefit, as it not only awakens senses, but also possitively affects our physical and emotional well-being. Essencial oil merges in the body through the skin and respiratory tract and gently, almost unnoticed, influences our moods and nerve's system. It also helps to reduce various ailments and their symptoms and improve overall wellness. 

Originated from Bali, this massage combines touch and smell senses. Chosen natural essential oil quickly reaches the depths of the body with inhalations and is absorbed in the skin together with warm massage oil. This massage not only relaxes or revitalizes tensed muscles, treats insomnia, reduces stress, but also infuses spiritual and physical strength, improves functioning of most bodily systems.

 Because of the incredibly deep power of smell, you will soon get back in to the state of calmness, relaxation and inner balance...

Duration: 1 h. Price: 45 Eur

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